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The vastness is bearable only through stupid fangirling.

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I’m watching an episode of TOS where Spock is explaining something clearly and precisely to the rest of the away team (including Jim) and Jim is listening to him, watching him with the most un-deniable look of adoration in his eyes, gazing with love and respect.


It’s so beautiful.

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Filed under pretty much any time spock gets to school someone this happens it's disgusting frankly for chrissakes man there are PEOPLE around spirk space husbands star trek tos

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wow i finally got around to reading that post detailing dumb shit jj & co have said and this article is the last fucking straw i mean god damn fuck jj abrams wow i’m so mad

I just wouldn’t want the agenda to be … whether it’s a heterosexual relationship or a homosexual relationship, to tell a story that was, that felt distracting from part of the purpose of the story is. So I’m in complete open-minded, you know, I’m interested in finding a way to do that but it’s almost like, it’s a tricky thing, because it’s the right thing to do and sometimes so is a story about something that also has some kind of meaning but do it and if it in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re doing it in order to make that point because then it’s almost a disservice. Because then it feels like “oh that stupid distracting subplot about you know, you know, that minority. Or those people… ” 


But having Kirk wake up in bed with two cat women, randomly hit on some women walking into Starfleet HQ, check out Carol Marcus against her wishes, and not remember some kind of past encounter with Chapel wasn’t “distracting” or doing anything a “disservice.”

Filed under you know if he REALLY wanted to be open-minded one of those cat ladies could have been a dude just sayin' five seconds is all that would have taken - no 'distracting subplot' necessary and it would have blown everyone's minds and forced a dialogue in the media and made Trek sort of push the edge of social issues again but nooooooo he doesn't want to do anything a 'disservice' how thoughtful of you Abrams here's your progressive gold star for half-hearted intention ugh Jackass Abrams star trek into derpness aldora rants